Zmilla has met CH S*Ljusglimtens Vidar, blue, and we will have kittens in week 52. The kittens could be blue, black, chocolate, lilac and patterned.

Are you interestes of a kitten, please send me an email or call me at +4640971188 or +46733537303.



Earlier litters

Litter 1

Litter 2

Litter 3

Litter 4

Litter 5


When we have kittens we will always tell you if they are spoken or not.

On hold - Someone is interested in this kitten and this will just be for a short time

Booked  - This kitten is presumably sold

Sold - This kitten has a new owner

When our kitten leave home they are:

  At least 12 weeks old
  Registered in SVERAK/FIFe with pedigree and transfer
  ID'd (chip) when necessary
  Vaccinated incl booster (all needed vacc)
  Written Health Certificate not older than seven days
  Insured three years for concealed errors