Cuddlesome's Buzzy, Zmilla, BRI n22

Zmilla is our first british shorthair and she is the most beautiful in the world:)

She is the dramaqueen at home and talk to Doubbs and Polly where they should to and be :)

Zmilla har dilution lilac and have had really beautiful kittens

She is free from PKD (July 2007) and HCM (Sepember 2008)

Elwynn Forest's No Doubt, Doubbie, BRI n

Doubbs is daughter to Zmilla from her first litter. Actually we didn't decide to keep her, she decided to stay with us  and we couldn't of course resist that :)

Doubbs is the worldest nicest cat and think the life is really nice as long as she got food and can continuing hunt insects :)

Doubbs is castrated.


Brittish Dream's Beautiful Bettina, Polly, BRI ns03

I fell in love at the first sight when I saw Polly at Kastanjeback's cattery. So when she asked if I wanted her I didn't hesitate for a secund. (but Henrik did ) :)

Now she is living in our cattery and loves to be cuddled.

Polly has got a litter in Kastanjeback's cattery and her kitten were great.